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The Very Last Word weekly round-up

 Below are the links to all of the "Very Last Word" videos from this week.

 Below are the links to all of the "Very Last Word" videos from this week. Enjoy exclusive web interviews from all of our New York guests and of course our host, Lawrence O'Donnell. Above is my favorite video from the week — Rachel Maddow running from her studio to ours to join us for some super Super Tuesday coverage. Enjoy the web exclusive videos and have a great weekend.

  • Former McCain campaign senior advisor Steve Schmidt takes a break from talking “Game Change” to tell us that he thinks November will bring a "very close" general election.
  • Sirius XM's Mark Thompson and msnbc political analyst Karen Finney talk Santorum’s victories in Mississippi and Alabama.
  • On Wednesday, Lawrence ran into another member of the msnbc team that really should've been asleep!
  • Michael Moore talks about the hunt for ex-Goldman employee and New York Times op-ed writer, Greg Smith.
  • Mark McKinnon joined us in studio to talk about his bi-partisan group, No Labels, and his snazzy panuelo.
  • Krystal Ball, John Heilemann and Toure welcome Vice President Biden to the 2012 campaign.
  • Bob Vander Plaats, the CEO and President of The Family Leader, tells us why he agrees with Lawrence that Rick Santorum should be the Republican nominee to face President Obama.
  • Lawrence talks about new favorite state bill out of Ohio and explains why the last minute of Thursday's show was so important.