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The Huntsman-Kardashian connection

I am ashamed it took me almost a month to discover a connection between these two families.
Mary Anne Huntsman (file); Kim Kardashian (file)
Mary Anne Huntsman (file); Kim Kardashian (file)

I am ashamed it took me almost a month to discover a connection between these two families. I like to think I keep pretty close tabs on the nexus of politics and pop culture in this great country of ours but alas — I have committed a gross oversight.

In the December 2011 issue of GQ, the magazine profiles the three 20-something daughters of Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. The extremely likeable Mary Anne, Liddy and Abby Huntsman (also known in the Twitter-verse as @jon2012girls) have been their father's most outspoken supporters and rose to fame when they parodied Herman Cain's notorious smoking ad in October.

The GQ profile captures the energy and attraction of the Huntsman girls but buries the lede about these three young ladies. In the last paragraph, 23-year-old Liddy Huntsman tells the reporter that her older sister, Mary Anne, dated none other than former Mr. Kim Kardashian — KRIS HUMPHRIES! According to the article, the two went on one date when Humphries was on the Utah Jazz. They went to see the movie "Elf."

Now to many, this Mary Anne Huntsman-Kim Kardashian–Kris Humphries love triangle (I know they only went on one date, but work with me here) may not seem like a big deal. However, according to my research, Mary Anne Huntsman is still single and now, Humphries has returned to bachelor status. Can we say reunion?!

I can't imagine anything greater than Jon Huntsman staring into the camera on an E! wedding special and saying, "The Kardashian wedding won't have anything on this Huntsman bash. Kris Jenner, watch out." I know it will probably never happen. But hey, I would rather watch an episode of "Keeping Up With the Huntsmans" any day of the week.