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Taking over Wall Street in 1979

This is what democracy looks like in 1979.

This is what democracy looks like in 1979. Indignation with Wall Street is nothing new as is evident from a vintage clip from the film "Early Warnings," which gives a glimpse into the sit-in that happened on Wall Street on the 50th anniversary of the 1929 stock market crash. These protesters demonstrated against the financial support for the nuclear industry, as part of the larger occupations at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant that sought to obstruct the construction of nuclear reactors near Seabrook, New Hampshire. The narrator in the clip states, "Nuclear power is organized crime, that's what it's all about." If not a harbinger of the current Occupy Wall Street movement, the clip certainly shows the public's display of distrust and anger towards Wall Street that is all too familiar in today's world.— By Skivjana Neza