Sexist 'KFC' Hillary Clinton buttons at GOP event

Campaign buttons comparing to Hillary Clinton to a “KFC special" surfaced over the weekend at a GOP event in California.

An unidentified vendor displayed the sexist flare reading “KFC Hillary Special: 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts… left wing” at Saturday’s Republican Party Convention in Anaheim.

A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle spotted the buttons available for purchase near the VIP reception area and tweeted out a photo during the annual meeting.

State party officials thanked reporter Carla Marinucci for "bringing the matter to our attention," in an emailed statement to MSNBC.

"The first time CRP leadership and staff became aware of these buttons was as a result of Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci's tweet," said Mark Standriff, Director of Communications for the California Republican Party. "After identifying the vendor who was displaying the buttons, CRP staff had them removed. For your additional information, the vendor had brought only 5 of the buttons to convention, none of which had been sold."

While Clinton's 2016 ambitions remain unknown at this time, a new Quinnipiac University poll shows she’s dominating the early horse races across the board.

The former secretary state leads potential star Republican candidates in hypothetical mash-ups: Clinton tops New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 49%-36%, she beats Kentucky Sen, Rand Paul, 53%-36%, and shuts down a Ted Cruz candidacy, 54%-31%.