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Bids for George Zimmerman artwork near $100K on eBay

Bids on an original painting by George Zimmerman have reached $100,00 on eBay.
George Zimmerman during the 21st day of his trial in Seminole circuit court, July 9, 2013 in Sanford, Fl. (Photo by Joe Burbank/Pool/Getty)
George Zimmerman during the 21st day of his trial in Seminole circuit court, July 9, 2013 in Sanford, Fl.

For nearly $100,000, you can own an original artwork painted by George Zimmerman. 

Listed by a user called "therealgeorgez," a canvas painting of the U.S. flag with the words "God, One Nation, with Liberty and Justice for All," has attracted over 90 bids on eBay. The auction for the painting began Monday and bidding will end Saturday evening. 

“First hand painted artwork by me, George Zimmerman," the description reads. "Everyone has been asking what I have been doing with myself. I found a creative way to express myself, my emotions and the symbols that represent my experiences. My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors. I hope you enjoy owning this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. Your friend, George Zimmerman."

A posted photo shows Zimmerman holding the artwork. While the authenticity of the artwork has not yet been confirmed, Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr. told News 13 that the piece was in fact painted by his brother. 

In the Q&A portion below the listed item, users posted questions about the artwork and comments related to his trial and subsequent acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin. 

"Just wanted to tell you we all love you and stand behind you. You have so many people on your side I hope you know that!" one person posted.

"Thank you so much for the words of kindness and support," Zimmerman replied. "I do know how many great Americans are still here, I run into at least 3-5 a day that go out of their way to tell me the same."

Florida prosecutors announced last week they would not file domestic violence charges against Zimmerman for an incident involving his girlfriend. Zimmerman's girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, said in a court document that she did not want him to be charged. Charges were dropped due to "a lack of any other corroborating evidence or witnesses."