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Romney's latest flip-floppery

When Willard M.
Mitt Romney campaigns in Allentown, Pa. on June 30
Mitt Romney campaigns in Allentown, Pa. on June 30

When Willard M. Romney challenged Ted Kennedy for his Massachusetts Senate seat in 1994, Kennedy coined the moniker "Multiple Choice Mitt" to describe a man whose positions didn't merely flip and flop between opposites, but bounced around hither and yon like a pinball. The reputation for flip-floppery stuck, and it hasn't been helped by Romney's recent attempts to be both for and against universal health insurance mandates.

Now Romney has managed to reduce the art of self-negation to its sublime essence. Over the past few weeks, he's accused President Obama of making the recession worse. Now he says he never said that... even though he did... several times... on camera. Using the power of the Internets and the Google - The Democratic National Committee came up with the above ad pointing out Romney's contradiction.

It's really worth underscoring just how quickly Romney changed his tune on this line of attack. As recent as Monday he said, "(President Obama) did not cause this recession, but he made it worse." And yesterday - just three days later - Romney said, "I didn't say that things were worse. What I said was, that the economy hasn't turned around."

One potential reason that Romney changed his tune could be the fact his attack is simply not true. As Greg Sargent of The Washington Post's Plum Line points out:

The gross domestic product, the prime measure of economic strength, shrank by a severe 6.8 percent annual rate before Obama became president. The declines eased after he took office and economic growth, however modest, resumed. The recession officially ended six months into his presidency... Obama did not, as Romney alleged, make the economy worse than it was when he took office.

Rest assured that all of us here at The Last Word HQ will keep an eye out for the inevitable any future Romney flip-floppery.