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Rick Santorum's last gasp in 2012 race

All eyes were on Wisconsin last night.

All eyes were on Wisconsin last night. A Santorum win could have been the "game change" of 2012, but alas, Mitt Romney swept last night's primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

So the question all political experts are asking today... how long will Rick Santorum remain in the race?

In a Very Last Word interview, columnist Steve Kornacki explained the biggest dilemma for Santorum going forward. Kornacki told us, "there's no mathematical way he can be the nominee. He basically got no chance of winning it, but he can still look ahead to the rest of the primary process and see, I don't know 6, 7, 8 maybe even more states that he can win between now and the end of June. So, it's kind tough to back out knowing now he could win all those states."

Kornacki doesn't know how long Santorum plans to fight, but all political eyes are on the upcoming primary in Pennsylvania.