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GOP Rep. Peter King launches PAC for anti-Tea Party set

New York Rep. Peter King founded his own Political Action Committee geared toward those who don't subscribe to the Ted Cruz and Rand Paul brand of leadership.
Peter King
Rep. Peter King, R-NY, arrives for a briefing on September 9, 2013 at the Capitol in Washington, DC.

New York Congressman Peter King, a potential 2016 contender, launched his own Political Action Committee to push back on the tea party.

The hawkish Republican unveiled his PAC, American Leadership Now, during a visit Monday to the early primary state of New Hampshire -- his fifth visit within the past year.

The PAC looks to boost campaigns for middle-of-the-road Republicans, overshadowed in recent months by the fringe sector of the party, who share King’s more moderate vision on domestic policy and tough stances on foreign policy.

The “PAC is committed to the tried and true American virtues of protecting the homeland, expanding opportunity for all citizens, and delivering a better country for the next generation,” says a description on the group’s website. “ALN is an enterprise devoted to providing assistance to Republican candidates for governorships, state legislatures, and the U.S. Congress who share these same goals and ideals.”

During an interview with Politico, the outspoken lawmaker took direct swipes at Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, also possible Republican presidential candidates, as the brand of GOP leadership he wants to actively avoid in this venture.

“It’s a vehicle that will enable me to go around the country to try to find like-minded Republicans who do not support a government shutdown, who do not support Ted Cruz’s whole idea of a government shutdown, of Rand Paul being isolationist,” he said.

King said he would “certainly consider” a 2016 run. If he decides to go for it, federal regulations block him from using any PAC money towards his own campaign.