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Poll: Obama up among women voters

The fight for women voters is on!
Poll: Obama up among women voters
Poll: Obama up among women voters

The fight for women voters is on! And the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found President Obama leading Mitt Romney among women by 15 points — 53 to 38 percent. In 2008, women voters helped Obama seal the deal and win the presidency with 56 percent voting for the Obama-Biden ticket compared to just 43 percent for McCain-Palin.

While House Republican women try to win over women voters with their new Women’s Policy Committee, the Obama team is pointing to Republicans' record on issues like domestic violence, reproductive health, and pay equity. Just today, Vice President Joe Biden hammered Mitt Romney's stance on women's issues, saying that his policies will take us back to the 1950s:

I haven't even touched on Romney's social policy either. One that says a woman should no longer get to make her own decisions about her own body and her health, one that says it's OK for insurance agencies to charge women more for health insurance than men, to count pregnancy as preexisting condition. I know this sounds like fiction.

As the original creator of the Violence Against Women Act, Biden also took issue with the House Republicans' new version of the bill that would leave out protections for immigrants, LGBT, and Native American women:

The Violence Against Women Act has become part of our popular culture. Businesses, everybody has embraced the notion that a woman has a right to be free of violence an intimidation on the street and in her own home, wherever it is. And these guys in the House just voted down our version, the continuation of the existing Violence Against Women Act. And they cut out big chunks. Folks, this is not your father's Republican party.