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Perry launches first campaign video

Rick Perry's campaign has released a web video touting the newly added Republican candidate and his record.
Des Moines, Iowa - August, 15
Des Moines, Iowa - August, 15

Rick Perry's campaign has released a web video touting the newly added Republican candidate and his record. It hits all the campaign video musts - spooky imagery, an ominous floating newspaper headline, a promise for a better tomorrow, a reminder that your children's futures are at stake, etc. Oh yeah - and there's video of him dressed up in full cowboy mode (as a native Nashvillian, I can spot this from 400 yards). The caption that accompanies the video reads:

We will not sit back and accept our current misery... because a great country requires a better direction... because a renewed nation requires a new president.  That's why, with faith in God, the support of my family, and an unwavering belief in the goodness of America, I am a candidate for President of the United States.


The ad also blames the S&P's downgrade of our nation's credit rating on "record debt and the President's refusal to control spending" -- even though the S&P's own statement on the downgrade cited "political brinksmanship of recent months" as the cause of the instability in "America's governance and policymaking." And then S&P's director not so subtly pointed a finger at House Republicans while talking to POLITICO last week. The salient passage of that report reads as follows:

Without specifically mentioning Republicans, S&P senior director Joydeep Mukherji said the stability and effectiveness of American political institutions were undermined by the fact that “people in the political arena were even talking about a potential default,” Mukherji said.“That a country even has such voices, albeit a minority, is something notable,” he added. “This kind of rhetoric is not common amongst AAA sovereigns.”

The ad also refers to Perry as "America's jobs governor" -- a phrase I'm sure we'll hear more and more in the weeks and months ahead. The issue with that is there's a whole lot of evidence out there finding that Perry's so-called "Texas Miracle" of job creation is really a lot of smoke and mirrors. For more on that there's this amazing piece from The Huffington Post last week and this opinion piece from today's New York Times by columnist Paul Krugman.

The ad goes on to call Perry "conservative to the core." Okay... maybe now he is. But he was totally a Democrat back in the eighties (I know... it was a confusing time for all of us).

And one last thing the folks over at Mediaite noticed... this ad has a lot in common with this 1984 Reagan ad below. Which I find really funny - since, ya know... the Reagan ad was released when Perry was a Democrat.