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Huntsman ad calls Paul 'unelectable'

Jon Huntsman has a new web video going after Ron Paul's newsletters.

Jon Huntsman has a new web video going after Ron Paul's newsletters. Aimed at New Hampshire voters, a state where Huntsman has largely focused his campaign efforts, the clip highlights Paul's racist and homophobic messages from the 1990s and paints him as "unelectable" with the general electorate. "I'm just making a case for electability," Huntsman told NBC News. "You know at the end of the day we've just got to win back some people who actually voted for Barack Obama, just to make the math work. So who at the end of the day is the most electable? I believe I'm the most electable candidate in the race right now."A late-bloomer to the fickle Republican surges we've come to know this election cycle, it's now becoming a make or break situation for the former Utah governor. Paul has proven to be the buzziest candidate of late by topping some polls in Iowa, followed by a last-minute surge for über conservative Rick Santorum. No word on whether Huntsman would support Paul if he were to become the GOP nominee. Fellow candidate Newt Gingrich said he wouldn't vote for Paul, citing differences on foreign and domestic policies. Frontrunner Willard M. Romney said he would throw his support behind Paul if he gets picked as the party's top choice.