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Hank Williams not ready for some football

ESPN booted country singer Hank Williams Jr.
Country singer Hank Williams Jr. (file)
Country singer Hank Williams Jr. (file)

ESPN booted country singer Hank Williams Jr. from tonight's opening of Monday Night Football after he compared President Obama to Adolf Hilter on Fox News.

"While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight's telecast," read the ESPN statement.

In a very rambling appearance, Williams criticized the so-called golf summit with President Obama and top Republican leaders. He called it a "political mistake" of House Speaker John Boehner to go through with it.

"It would be like Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu," Williams said.

To Fox's credit, host Brian Kilmeade said he didn't get the comparison.

Williams then yelled, "I'm glad you don't, brother, because a lot of people do. They're the enemy... Obama! And Biden! Are you kidding? The Three Stooges."

His song, "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight," has been used as the opening number for more than 20 years.

No word on whether this is a temporary or permanent move.