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Gay marriage themed 'Father of the Bride 3' rumored

According to Hollywood rumors, a sequel to Father of the Bride is in the works that will center around Steve Martin's gay son getting married.
Actor/Musician Steve Martin at an event in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 23, 2013.
Actor/Musician Steve Martin at an event in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 23, 2013.

The popular "Father of the Bride" film franchise may be getting a sequel that would center around a gay wedding. 

According to reports on the Hollywood blog,, Steve Martin and Diane Keaton will reprise their roles as George and Nina Banks as the couple comes to terms with the upcoming wedding of their gay son, 29-year-old Matty in "Father of the Bride 3."

In the new film. the character of Matty, who was originally played by Kieran Culkin in the 1991 original and its 1995 follow-up, reveals to his parents that he will marry the son of a U.S. Navy Seal. Upon revealing his nuptials to his parents, George has a difficult time processing the news and is thrown out of the house by  his mother. Culkin is not yet confirmed to play the role in the new film. 

While the rumors have sparked instant and intense excitement online and on social media, actor-comedian Steve Martin quelled the rumors with a tweet after the news broke. 

Finke reports that Nancy Meyers, who wrote the screenplay for both "Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Bride Part II" will not return for the third film, but her husband, Charles Shyer will write and direct the sequel instead. 

Disney and Warner Bros. are said to be working out the rights to the film.