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Elizabeth Warren's uphill battle

Elizabeth Warren, who was picked by Sen.
Elizabeth Warren (file)
Elizabeth Warren (file)

Elizabeth Warren, who was picked by Sen. Harry Reid to oversee the Wall Street bailout and then picked by President Obama to launch the federal government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced last week she now has an exploratory committee for a likely possible Senate run in Massachusetts.

Her opponent in that potential race would be Republican Sen. Scott Brown. But as The Hill reported today, she could have an uphill battle taking on Sen. Brown when it comes to fundraising. Here's the salient bit from the article:

But her reputation as sheriff to Wall Street could also be a liability against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), a popular Republican who has been stockpiling campaign cash in anticipation of a tight 2012 race.If Warren runs, she will have to decide whether to court high-rolling donors in the financial services community — an awkward choice both personally and politically, given her carefully crafted image as antagonist to big finance.

On tonight's edition of The Last Word, guest host Melissa Harris-Perry will take a look at Warren's potential cash problem. She'll also analyze what it means for our political system and explain Warren's connection to both Thomas Jefferson and Rage Against the Machine.

Yes, really.