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Edwards says he did not break law

John Edwards says he has done wrong but did not break the law.

John Edwards says he has done wrong but did not break the law. The two-time presidential candidate made a 30-second statement to reporters outside a North Carolina federal courthouse after pleading not guilty in today’s indictment.

"There's no question that I've done wrong and I take full responsibility for having done wrong and I will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that I've caused to others," said former Senator Edwards. "But I did not break the law and I never ever thought that I was breaking the law."

He was indicted by a federal grand jury on six counts for allegedly violating campaign finance laws. Feds accused Edwards of using more than $925,000 in campaign contributions to shield his mistress and their baby from the public eye during his 2008 run for the White House.

Edwards doesn’t have to post bond, but he had give up his passport and can’t leave the continental U.S. He also can't have contact with one of the wealthy benefactors who, as prosecutors say, gave him cash to cover-up the love affair among other things.

And to think, it could all go back to the $400 haircut. Seriously.