This Day in Dick Cheney History…

White House Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld, right, and his deputy, Richard Cheney, meet with newsmen at the White House Nov. 7, 1975, in Washington.

If you woke up this morning wondering what former Vice President Dick Cheney was doing on this day 39 years ago, you’re in luck.  We know what he was doing on October 20, 1975, thanks to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum.  On this day in Cheney history, Dick Cheney, who was then the Deputy Chief of Staff, sent a memo to White House Staff Secretary Jim Connor about then-White House Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld’s excessive coffee bill.

It read:

Jim, I never did get a complete rundown on our coffee bill.I now find that for the month of September for Mr. Rumsfeld’s coffee service, the bill comes to over $100 again.Can you please tell me what’s going on?

Jim Connor’s answer, scribbled in pencil across the bottom?

They are drinking too much coffee and have too many people drinking it! 

According to the Ford Library Museum, records show that +$100 coffee bill covered 200 pots of coffee.  Seems normal to us.

Memo courtesy of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum