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What we're watching: Wed., Mar. 28

Happy Wednesday afternoon!  Here's some of the stories we're watching today.  What stories are you watching?

Happy Wednesday afternoon!  Here's some of the stories we're watching today.  

What stories are you watching?

  • U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on healthcare law:

Leno Makes Romney Confess Plan to Screw the Sick

Health Care Reform: What's At Stake If Obamacare Is Overturned?

White House Defends Verrilli After Tuesday Fallout 

Health Reform In Supreme Court: End Of Affordable Care Act?

Sen. Johnson’s Advice To Women Who Can’t Afford Contraception: Google ‘What If I Can’t Afford Birth Control?’


  • Unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin is shot dead; shooter goes free:

Trayvon Martin’s Mother: ‘My Son Was Exercising His Stand Your Ground Rule’

Trayvon Martin's Death Extends Sanford's Sordid Legacy

Trayvon Martin Case: Police Wanted Warrant To Arrest George Zimmerman, Prosecutor Says

NRA Begins Selling Hoodies With Pocket To Conceal Handguns


  • 2012 presidential campaign:

Newt pares his staff and schedule, boots campaign manager

ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama Favorability Up, Romney Hits A New Low

Poll: Romney Takes Lead In Wisconsin Primary

CNN Poll: 43 Percent Of Republicans Want A Brokered Convention

Quinnipiac Polls: Obama Leads Romney In Ohio, Pennsylvania And Florida


  •  Possible recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker:

Scott Walker Blames Health Care Reform For Slow Job Growth In Wisconsin

Poll: Walker Narrowly Ahead Of Dems In Recall Match-Ups


  • Other stories we're watching today

Mega Millions lottery game at record $476 million jackpot