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What we're watching: Wed., Jan. 4, 2012

Michele Bachmann says she will "stand aside" after pulling just 5 percent in Iowa caucuses. Perry stays in race, tweets: "Here we come South Carolina"Indiana

Michele Bachmann says she will "stand aside" after pulling just 5 percent in Iowa caucuses. 

Perry stays in race, tweets: "Here we come South Carolina"

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels bows to public pressure, will allow masses to protest at statehouse today

Obama putting new consumer watchdog in job despite GOP opposition.

Romney camp admits that his claim of 100K jobs created at Bain doesn't factor in layoffs.

Richard Viguerie:  75% of Iowa Republicans vote against Romney

Rivals seek to rally right against Mitt Romney.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he'll return to Texas today to reassess his candidacy.

President Barack Obama is pushing his economic message in Ohio.

John McCain will endorse his '08 rival Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney received six votes less than he did in 2008. 

Mitt Romney talks to GMA about Rick Santorum and an 'angry, disappointed' Newt Gingrich.

Sources: Rick Perry's still got more than $3 million to burn.

Rick Santorum's top strategist said the online traffic was so intense on their website that it crashed momentarily.

The Wall Street Journal's influential, conservative editorial page interprets the Iowa results as a yellow light for Mitt Romney's campaign.

Santorum’s performance in Iowa gave him a boost with New Hampshire voters.

Obama campaign director Jim Messina says the caucuses showed two important aspects of the campaign to come.

Mitt Romney would not favor Santorum's plan to zero out taxes for manufacturers 

Newt Gingrich explained the game plan is to defeat Romney by defining him as outside mainstream conservatism.

The first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses closed with confusion and tension, as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum finished in an effective dead heat. 

Michele Bachmann cancels South Carolina trip.