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The amazing Murdoch testimony this morning (and no, I don't mean the pie) is clearly a big contender for story of the day. Pres.

The amazing Murdoch testimony this morning (and no, I don't mean the pie) is clearly a big contender for story of the day. Pres. Obama's stunning embrace of the Gang of Six framework eclipsed it pretty quickly, though. As always, a lot of other stories are getting missed out there. Here's my choice for today's Underbuzzed. Put your own in the comments...

  • The co-founder of Home Depot wants NJ Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) to run for president. Ken Langone is not only a billionaire, he helps bankroll Karl Rove. Tells you everything you need to know.
  • A new poll finds only 19% of Republicans think Pres. Barack Obama would be Raptured if The Rapture were, y'know...real. Now, at first it may sound like an insult, but it might not be as rude as it sounds. A lot of fundamentalists who believe in The Rapture don't necessarily think that going to heaven happens because you're good. And a lot of them don't even think that being Christian is enough. In the book Left Behind, the main character believes in God and Jesus...but in a very wishy-washy kind of way. Doesn't get to go. So, some of the folks answering this question might feel that Obama actually is a Christian, and even a good person, but might not qualify on theological grounds. (In my head, I'm backtracking as I write this -- obviously most people are making this judgment based on simple good/bad/Christian. But there are some out there who believe this isn't about morality -- see "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis...)
  • Karl Rove's political group is launching an effort to woo Latino voters. Which, of course, is hilarious, as Rove was knee-deep in the Bush Justice Department's attempts to gin up a fake "voter-fraud" crisis to justify implementation of "voter-fraud" measures which would, in actuality, establish barriers to voting that would primarily effect low-income voters. Which, of course, disproportionately includes minorities. Like Latino voters. Story and video here.
  • The fact they almost broke the world is not nearly enough to chasten Wall Street. Just one year after the watered-down, very-rich-guy-friendly Dodd-Frank Act passed -- and even though much of its regulations have yet to be implemented -- Wall Street is so unashamed and so unrepentant and so uninterested in preventing a future collapse, that they're fighting back against Dodd-Frank. But the real underbuzzed element of this story? The NY Times' reporting that brokers who represent AVERAGE INVESTORS...think we need tough regulations. The dividing line here couldn't be clearer.
  • I'll be off the grid the rest of the week...but the Morning EDition, Outlook and Underbuzzed will be back next week. Keep posting your own Underbuzzed, as always...

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