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Okay, I'm a little biased about today's Underbuzzed.

Okay, I'm a little biased about today's Underbuzzed. I think the day's biggest underbuzzed story is the one I blogged about just a little while ago -- the real Romney fib on the economy. It won't be so underbuzzed, I hope, after tonight's exclusive interview with the former foreman of the plant where Romney spoke. That said, here are some of the other stories that deserve a little more buzz today:

  • It's not enough that the current Treasury secretary came from the same Wall St. school of thinking as Robert Rubin and all those other geniuses who helped sever prosperity from the masses and tank the global economy. Now Wall Street is demanding that they get one of their own in charge as the next Treasury secretary. Hard to imagine how the US government could be any more pro-Wall Street than it is right now.
  • Have you got a pre-existing medical condition? Then you might already know about what happened Friday, with little fanfare. The Obama Administration lowered premiums in 17 states and Washington, DC, for people with pre-existing medical conditions. By forty percent. That's not only government making life better, that's government creating jobs -- because now small employers can afford to hire them, they can afford to create their own small businesses, etc.

Short one for me today. Dog days of summer, plus I'm dragging today. Got any other underbuzzed stories, put 'em in the comments, please.

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