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Here's my list of today's underbuzzed stories. Add your own in the comments, as always.Even including Pres.

Here's my list of today's underbuzzed stories. Add your own in the comments, as always.

  • Even including Pres. Obama's twitter town hall today, I think the day's most telling tweet came from Speaker Boehner (R-OH). He said, asking of the president:

Will you outline a plan #4jobs - other than more spending - for the American people? #askobama GOP plan:

  • What's so telling about this is that Boehner implicitly acknowledges that spending is a plan 4jobs. And then rules it out. Why? Because the deficit is more important? But then why the refusal to raise taxes? Are tax rates more important than the deficit? Okay, that's all fine. But then what he's admitting is that jobs are, at best, the GOP's third priority.
  • Philadelphia is closing 26 school cafeterias. Most of them in poor school districts. A major US city will no longer provide school lunches to some of its poorest children. And thousands of other school districts are trimming class times. We are going to reap this whirlwind.
  • Meanwhile, Connecticut becomes the first state to mandate paid sick days. That's how you build a strong workforce to get you through tough times.
  • How you know it's class warfare -- and we're losing: Closing tax loopholes on hedge-fund managers would raise $4 billion a year. From just 25 people.
  • We've mentioned before anecdotal incidents of states hurting themselves economically by passing anti-immigrant laws. Well, now there's a report that finds more than just anecdotal evidence of it. Yet another self-destructive right-wing ideology at work.

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