TransCanada statement on allegations by Evan Vokes

We reached out to TransCanada for a statement about Evan Vokes' allegations here's what they said:

Mr. Vokes has said many things, and when he raised concerns we took them seriously. Most of the items were already identified through normal review processes and steps were taken to address them – especially the ones of immediate concern. We also put action plans in place to improve processes for the future.

In its audit report on February 24,the National Energy Board concluded that we have identified the majority, and most significant of our hazards and risks. The audit concluded and we quote: “that in response to these allegations, TransCanada has developed and implemented a program of actions with the goal of correcting and preventing similar occurrences.” It’s important to note that if we didn't get 100 percent in an area it was considered non-compliant, even though we may have already been implementing changes. But this does not mean that the issue to be resolved presented a safety risk.

When this audit was released, many of the improvements were already underway and we are fully committed to making these improvements. We all share the goal of ensuring our pipeline safety management system is as effective as it can be and we continue to work with NEB staff to ensure we keep delivering natural gas safely and reliably.