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The Wednesday Outlook

Clearly, NY-26 is today's big political story.

Clearly, NY-26 is today's big political story. It's interesting to watch those Republicans who are free to buck the Tea Party, and even some who aren't, admit that this was something more than message failure. But both Democrats and Republicans can still blow this big time.

Democrats, of course, can forfeit their status as Medicare's defenders by putting it on the table. You defend things by keeping them off the table. But Republicans can also blow this--and not just by continuing to defend the Ryan plan. Today, House Speaker Boehner doubled down on the Ryan plan calling it a plan to SAVE Medicare, even in the wake of conservative voters rejecting that view.

I wonder what voters will think of the Republican Party if it continues to spin the Ryan plan as something voters have already decided it's not?

(Check back later for today's Underbuzzed stories. Lots to choose from today.)