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The Wednesday Outlook

We've got Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on tonight.

We've got Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on tonight. At a news conference today, he spoke about new legislation he's introducing to crack down on the Wall Street speculation that has driven up gas prices. Literally, if it were passed and implemented, the law could bring gas prices down by some estimates as much as 25%. Overnight.

Everyone from Goldman Sachs to Exxon to OPEC is on record acknowledging the massive premium you pay when you gas up because Goldman Sachs and the Koch Brothers and others decided to turn legitimate hedging against price fluctuations into a casino that artificially drives prices based on market speculation rather than fundamentals of supply and demand.

That, and we'll be watching tonight's Ag vote, in which the GOP wants to give subsidies to big agriculture, and strip funding for food assistance for kids and women.

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