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Republican obstruction hits home for workers

After working a double shift, the last thing a worker wants to hear about is the filibuster.
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

After working a double shift, the last thing a worker wants to hear about is the filibuster. But unprecedented Republican obstruction has consequences that affect nearly every American.

Record Republican filibusters have created 79 vacancies on the U.S. circuit courts and courts of appeal. And they threaten to make the National Labor Relations Board obsolete, leaving 80 million workers across America without vital safeguards.

"They believe in 19th century capitalism, markets only," Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, told The Ed Show on Saturday. "We believe you need safeguards. You need rights, not just markets."

The GOP made the 112th Congress the least productive on record. And yet, they've had the time to vote to repeal Obamacare 37 times.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is said to be reconsidering the so-called nuclear option to revisit the filibuster reform if the Senate GOP blocks three upcoming key nominations. Reid passed on his opportunity to change the Senate rules in January, but this time Americans need to stand up and say enough is enough.

Cohen is threatening to support challenges to Democratic incumbents who oppose filibuster reform in next year's primaries.

"There are Democrats who have said to us, 'how am I going to get my funding for my next election?' And we say to them 'you're not going to get your votes for the next election. We're done.'"

This goes far beyond judicial seats and labor. This is about democracy. This is about Republicans doing everything in their power to block the will of the people and this president and denying the last two presidential elections even took place.