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Rep. Gwen Moore touts Wisconsin Dems' 'tremendous ground game'


Rep. Gwen Moore says Wisconsin Democrats' "tremendous ground game" will help Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett pull off an upset Tuesday in the state's recall election for Gov. Scott Walker. 

“I do think that people have underestimated our ground game, and I think we’ve developed the critical mass of factors to lead us on to victory on Tuesday,” Moore told msnbc's Thomas Roberts. “No. 1, Tom is surging with independents, such an important constituency for winning an election. Secondly, we have a number of switchers, of—you know in 2010, we had 60 percent of labor voting for Tom Barrett and 40 percent for Scott Walker. Now those numbers are 80-20, 80 percent for Barrett and 20 percent for Walker."

Of course, it's not unusual for partisan on both sides to talk up their chances of success in the days before an election, the better to motivate their supporters. And most polls still show Walker with a slim but consistent lead over Barrett. 

Still, Moore said Democrats are seeking to spur turnout among party memberw who stayed home when Walker was elected in 2010. "We have a tremendous ground game that has targeted Racine, Beloit, Kenosha, southeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 72 wards in Milwaukee, where there are numbers of Democrats who did not necessarily participate in 2010," she said. "And we believe that there aren’t any pollsters that are able to predict which of those voters, who are likely voters among those people that we’ve been able to touch."