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President's presser touches on jobs, national security, eurozone

President Obama called on Congress Friday to reconsider his jobs bill, which failed in Congress last year.“There’s no excuse for not passing these

President Obama called on Congress Friday to reconsider his jobs bill, which failed in Congress last year.

“There’s no excuse for not passing these ideas…they will work,” he said.

The president echoed remarks he has made repeatedly in recent months that he believes the economy is doing well, but there is more to be done while speaking at a press conference at the White House Friday.

“State and local government hiring is going in the wrong direction,” he said, noting layoffs of cops and teachers. “And the other sector that has still been weak has been construction. We’ve addressed those issues in our jobs plan.”

When asked by a reporter about the Republicans’ opposition to Obama’s economic policies, the president critiqued the GOP.

“The recipes they’re promoting are the kinds of policies that would add weakness to the economy, result in further layoffs, and I think most economists would predict, lower growth,” he said.

Obama became the most agitated during the presser when a reporter asked about the White House’s role in recent leaks regarding national security policies, including a U.S. terrorist “kill list,” and the use of cyberweapons against Iran.


The Senate has opened an investigation into the leaks.

The president asserted he has a “zero tolerance” policy against such leaks and those found guilty of such acts “will suffer consequences.”

“The notion that my White House would purposely release national classified information is offensive,” he said. “People need to have a better sense of how I approach this office.”

Noting such leaks put the safety of Americans at risk, he added “We don’t play with that.”

The presidentalso touched on the Eurozone economic crises, saying he has “been in constant contact with Europe leaders over the last two year.”

“The challenges they face are solvable,” he said, pointing to reforms needed to the financial system and in job growth. 

The press conference is accessible in two videos. One with his prepared statement (above) and the second includes his Q&A with reporters here.