Obama's Middle East policy

The mountains of recent change in the Middle East, from chaos in Egypt to the death of Osama bin Laden, warrants this as a time to reassess.  In a speech this morning, President Obama breaks down his Mideast policy.  


As can be expected, the right wing is none too pleased with the president’s powerful message. 

Rep. Bachmann, who is threatening a 2012 presidential run, calls President Obama's speech a betrayal to Israel  and Mitt Romney echoes that sentiment saying it's throwing Israel "under the bus".  Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, another 2012 hopeful, calls the message "dangerous" and "disastrous"

Glenn Beck freaks out about the call to reinstate the 1967 borders and says it will end both Israel and Western culture.  Beck, on the other hand, will surely be the one to turn things around and “open the gates of heaven” in the region when he goes to his rally in Jerusalem.  Limbaugh purports Al Qaeda and their leader, who was removed from power by Obama, would have liked the speech.

Republicans are acting like Obama's border statement is something they've never heard before, when in fact we heard it from President Bush in 2005.   

Tonight, Ed exposes their hypocrisy.