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Morning EDition: May 23, 2011

We're trying something new starting today. Every morning I kick off our editorial day with a note listing some of the stories that have caught my eye.

We're trying something new starting today. Every morning I kick off our editorial day with a note listing some of the stories that have caught my eye. We thought it might be interesting to start posting a work-in-progress form of that note on show-day mornings. Around noon or so I'll post a quick summary of what the day looks like to me, personally. And a little later in the afternoon I'll post some of the stories that aren't getting buzz but probably should.

Keep in mind, these are in no particular order and just because you don't see a story in the Morning EDition doesn't mean we're not aware of it or don't think it's important. Likewise, just because a story on this list doesn't make it to air doesn't mean we don't think it's important! And if you see a story you think we should know about, please post it in the comments! (Today's h/ts: Greg Sargent's Plum Line, Think Progress, The Wonk Room, TPMDC, Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, the National Journal, Ezra Klein, Politico's Playbook and Huddle, Firedoglake.)



    Pres. Obama visits ancestral home of Moneygall, Ireland.    Pawlenty townhall at 12:30pm    Senate debating PATRIOT Act extensions; cloture vote expected



    Hundreds in government knew of the plan beforehand, but no one let it slip.    Rumsfeld a hot property, reports Rumsfeld.



    Poll: Most elderly rely on it; most Americans don't think it needs to be cut.    Pollsters warned GOP Ryan plan was politically toxic (which undercuts their claim it's about messaging).    Analysis: Boehner took the leap to satisfy the Tea Party.    Sen. Brown endorses Democratic description of Ryan plan.    Senate vote could be as soon as Wednesday.    Liberals look to bolster wavering Dems with new poll numbers on Medicare.    McConnell says debt ceiling must be hiked, but he won't vote to do it without cuts to Medicare/Medicaid.    FLASHBACK: When Brown said he would vote for the Ryan plan.    VIDEO: Face the Nation unpacks Gingrich's spin.    VIDEO: Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell tries to dodge the Ryan plan.



    Report: Boehner uses lies to construct loyalty tests.


    Capt. Sullenberger's FAA battle goes to conference committee.


    Vaguely phrased Politico piece claims White House has cut ties.



    Running whip count on debt ceiling:     McConnell signals a subtle shift on taxes.    Krugman: Austerity plans failed Europe.    GRAPH: Analysis: Defaulting would wipe out 2011's growth in 95 days.



    Says schools should be able to teach creationism.    Is Obama campaign already digging up oppo research?    Ailes courted Christie to get in the race.



    Hochul has a late lead.    Corwin invests in Chinese companies.    POLL: Hochul leads, and Medicare is the top issue.    Corwin's fall.    Christie goes to bat for Corwin.    Corwin makes a last-minute dash away from the Ryan plan.



    GOPers reap the birthwind.



    Chicago will feel like Baton Rouge in 100 years.    89 dead in weekend tornadoes.



    Biden 2016?



    States are cutting back on unemployment insurance; hoping DC will fill the gap.    Seven corporations represented on Obama's jobs panel are investing more of their overseas earnings overseas.    This year's college graduates have better prospects than last year's.    Gas prices are crimping job-hunting ability.



    Sen. Rubio makes a hard-right turn on immigration.    Arizona GOP legislators buck the party line to avoid another round of national attention.    Texas looks at its own Arizona-style law.



    The lawsuits mastermind is doing similar work in most of the states.    Cash slips through FEC fingers; commissioners say reformers' life's work has been made irrelevant.



    America's banks own almost a million homes; doubling the number in just a few years, on the way to own more and crippling the housing market.    DOJ gets creative going against mortgage frauds.    The SEC and DOJ often rely on invesigations by the companies under suspicion.



    FCC Commissioner's leap to Comcast prompts questions


    The US model for new nuclear-power plans as several structural flaws.    The GOP wants a massive new pipeline approved.



    Recount complete, GOP candidate Prosser holds the lead


    Boehner opposes excessive litigation; except his own.



    Black lung disease is on the rise after years of decline.



    Protesters crash Aetna shareholders meeting to protest funding of reform opponents.    States are cutting back on HIV/AIDS medication programs.    DC, Indiana butt heads over family planning.    Analysis: RomneyCare is working.


GOP 2012

    Obama campaign says Palin, Gingrich don't pose serious threats.    Huntsman courting Bushies.    Some GOPers want Ryan to run.    Ryan keeps the door slightly open.    Ryan doesn't close the veep door, either.    They love them some wacky economic schemes.    Will today's midgets in the field grow in stature?    Donald Trump for president? Again?    GOP operatives believe the field is largely in place.    GOP operatives also note the lack of some traditional kinds of strong Republican candidates.    The left sees Pawlenty as vulnerable on Medicare.    Former NRCC chief says the 2010 GOP headwind is gone.    Krugman: Primary season could drag the GOP further into economic extremism.    Pawlenty has a long history in education issues.    Pawlenty launch speech goes right for Obama.    Analysis: It's later than the GOP thinks.    VIDEO: Pawlenty's announcement.    VIDEO: The DNC goes after Pawlenty.