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Morning EDition: June 29, 2011

Sorry today's EDition is late -- I've been running behind all morning. It's time for Pres.

Sorry today's EDition is late -- I've been running behind all morning. It's time for Pres. Obama's news conference, but check back in later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed...


  • Pres. Obama holds a news conference at 11:30am eastern time.
  • Pres. Obama hosts a Gay Pride reception tonight for a constituency that remains disappointed in him.


  • Senate Democrats are losing the budget battle by refusing to lay down hard lines on revenue/spending.
  • Only Medicare, a proven winner with the electorate, gets a hard-line defense from Democrats.
  • Sens. Lieberman (I-CT) and Coburn (R-OK) introduce another DOA plan to cut Medicare.
  • Another Republican starts claiming Ryan plan is just a place to start a Medicare discussion. (Never mind that the House GOP passed it.)
  • If House GOP fails to raise the debt limit, it'll be either seniors or soldiers who get hit first.
  • Could Democrats bypass Republicans entirely...because the Constitution forbids defaulting on the debt?
  • What the hell is Geithner doing? New report suggests default deadline could slide to October.
  • Calming down: Treasury denies report that default deadline could slip.
  • The transparency of the lie that Obama made the economy worse.
  • Analysis: How the GOP came to hate tax cuts that might help the economy.


  • Protests of Greek austerity package turned violent.
  • Greece passes its austerity package.
  • Study: More than half of companies threaten to close in response to union drives.


  • Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was gobbling up Goldman Sachs bonds at the same time he ran defense for them.
  • Bank of America will pay $8.5 billion to settle mortgage-securities claims.
  • NY AG Schneiderman rejects foreclosure-fraud deal as too soft.
  • The federal Comptroller of the Currency moves to protect banks from state consumer-protection laws.


  • Illinois report: Speculators add $1/gallon to the price of gas.
  • Massachusetts report: Speculation is behind high gas prices.


  • More than 2,000 companies share a tax-dodging address in Wyoming.


  • Study finds the U.S. has spent almost $4 trillion on wars since 9/11. Plus interest.


  • Poll: Massive majority supports Obama's withdrawal plan.


  • Giuliani ducks his promise to preside over wedding of the gay couple who took him in.
  • Obama's position on gay marriage won't evolve until after Election Day. The technical term in evolution is punctuated equilibrium.
  • The Obama campaign doesn't want to risk swing states by evolving on gay marriage before Election Day.


  • Republican City Councilman sends underwear shot to employee. Resignation forthcoming?


  • The deadline for a shutdown is tomorrow.


  • Thinking of raising a family there? State legislators just cut $4 billion from schools over the next two years.


  • Conservative judges rejected advice that Prosser seek anger management.
  • Poll: Two Democrats leading in recall elections.



  • Republican FEC commissioners blocked probe of Christine O'Donnell.
  • Has David Frum found the formula for the GOP to attack Obama?
  • Poll: A narrow Obama victory is forecast.
  • Poll: Obama still tops all GOP candidates.
  • Poll: Obama would beat Alaska.
  • VIDEO: Democrats hit back with new ad responding to the ad by Rove's group. (Details on the buy.)

OBAMA 2012

GOP 2012

  • The candidates love a foreign leader.
  • Poll: Vast majority of Republicans wish they had more choices.


  • Analysis: Pawlenty's foreign-policy speech was a grab for the neo-con standard.


  • Bachmann continues to play "American Girl" despite Tom Petty's cease-and-desist letter.
  • TPM find her softening her pre-campaign Tea Party rhetoric.
  • Another report finds the Bachmann family benefiting from a government program she publicly decries. (See here for more.)
  • More veiled "otherness": Bachmann says Obama should go back to Hawaii.

(What I'm reading: Greg Sargent's Plum Line, Think Progress, Matt Yglesias, The Wonk Room, Talking Points MemoTPMDC, Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, the Washington Monthly, the National Journal, Ezra Klein, Politico's Playbook and Huddle, Dave Weigel, Wonkette, Firedoglake, the NYT Caucus, Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars. What Pandora has me listening to: Guitar by Cake.) 

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