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Morning EDition: June 28, 2011

Not a lot of political news grabbing the headlines today.

Not a lot of political news grabbing the headlines today. But behind the scenes the push-and-pull over the debt continues, with our economic future in the balance. And a number of important slow-moving stories poked their heads up today. The Exxon story in particular comes to mind. So does the state-level assault on Planned Parenthood. Check back later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed, and let us know which of these stories you think are the day's big ones.


  • Senate debates bill reducing number of presidential appointments subject to confirmation.
  • Senate hearing this morning on Pres. Obama's war powers, and Libya.
  • The president goes to Iowa to talk about manufacturing initiatives.


  • Democrats find some steel and push for cutting additional tax breaks.
  • GOP rift on taxes has Democrats confused.
  • Gene Robinson makes the obvious, sidelined point: Deficit reduction must wait for true recovery.
  • Tea Party intransigence will force GOP to get Democratic votes; which is good news for Medicare.
  • White House won't use debt talks to push for an end to debt-fueling Bush tax cuts.
  • Anti-poverty groups remind Pres. Obama that past budgets protected anti-poverty programs.
  • Psst! The secret's out: Republicans don't care about the deficit, they just want low taxes for the rich.
  • Ezra Klein: GOP is betting default deadline will force Democrats to rubber-stamp extending tax breaks for the rich.
  • Obama is focusing on the super-rich.
  • The White House wants about $400 billion in new revenues.
  • Is the White House hoping it can peel off Boehner by neutralizing the Medicare issue?
  • The effects of a debt deal could be wiped out by a change in interest rates.
  • Chart: States that boosted spending saw job growth, states that cut lost jobs.


  • Goldman Sachs is going to fire Americans so it can hire 1,000 people in Singapore.
  • Eighty-two-year-old man loses everything when his home is mistakenly foreclosed.
  • Eighty-one corporations band together to fight income-disparity disclosure.
  • Seventeen states on Friday will lose grants for the poor for the first time since 1996.


  • Home prices dip again.
  • Mortgage-insurance industry in trouble, too.



  • Poll: Most New Yorkers support the new gay-marriage law.


  • Govs. Rick Perry (R-TX) and Bob McDonnell (R-VA) attended the weekend's Koch summit.





  • Texas legislature votes to defund Planned Parenthood.




  • A government shutdown looms in budget standoff.


  • A second governor vetoes a bill curtailing voters' rights.

OBAMA 2012

  • GOP's performance in Florida may put the state in play for Obama.


  • After slamming TARP, Romney campaigns at bank that relied on TARP.
  • Romney repeats debunked claim that Obama made the economy worse.


  • The roots of Bachmann's right-wing theocracy.
  • Bachmann stands by claim that founding fathers fought to end slavery.
  • Tom Petty asks Bachmann to stop using his song, "American Girl." Lyrics here.
  • Bachmann suggests Tea Party is not right wing.
  • AP fact-checks Bachmann.
  • VIDEO: Bachmann praises nine-year-old John Q. Adams as a founding father, and questions need for minimum wage.
  • VIDEO: Bachmann wishes everything she said was perfect. Which, of course, is an impossible goal without doing something crazy like checking your facts first before you speak.
  • VIDEO: Bachmann claims "a strong, academic, scholarly background."


  • Pawlenty hammers Obama as complete foreign-policy failure in the Middle East (which is currently democratizing at historic pace).


  • Top aides quit Cain campaign.


  • VIDEO: Gov. Perry says government can not create one job.

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