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Morning EDition: June 23, 2011


Pres. Obama meets with soldiers and Gold Star families today, a day after delivering his speech to the nation on the future of America's involvement in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, our future is also on the line in Washington. Check back later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed. Meanwhile, here's your Morning EDition:


  • Pres. Obama meets with soldiers, Gold Star families at Ft. Drum, NY
  • Pres. Obama attends DNC fundraisers in NYC.


  • Map: The world's richest are richer now than before the recession. #Dedistributionofwealth.
  • This is why banks were pushing crappy mortgages: Because they could sell any mortgages they had.
  • Small business (you know, the job creators?) bash GOP's idea for big-business tax holiday.
  • Republican Fed Chairman Bernanke confirms that GOP spending cuts will destroy jobs.
  • Weekly jobless claims worse than expected.
  • Auto-bailout ripples begin to nurture Michigan's economy.
  • VIDEO: Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) votes against agency he once praised for creating jobs.


  • Senate GOP split over killing tax breaks.
  • The two biggest threats to our deficit? The Bush tax cuts and repealing health-care reform.
  • Even the Washington Times says we're just six years from a balanced budget -- if Congress doesn't screw it up.
  • Democrats worry the White House will be the one to screw it up.
  • Congress fears Biden group won't meet its deadline for raising the debt ceiling. Clean bill, anyone?
  • House GOP Leader Cantor pulls out of the Biden talks.
  • Poll: Democrats have won the Medicare battle.
  • Poll: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has lost the Medicare battle; he's third most-disliked Republican in the country. #Ryanforpresident!
  • Ezra Klein on the poll numbers.


  • Democrats cry for the head of the Republican Comptroller of the Currency after he gripes about bank regulations.



  • House Republicans pass a bill making it easier to drill for oil offshore. They're sorry they didn't do it sooner, BP.
  • Even some Republicans want tougher fuel-efficiency rules.



  • Analysis: Employers dropping health-care plans is a good thing.


  • Was Pres. Obama's speech intended to signal an end to an era of militarization?
  • Roundup of reaction to the speech.
  • Word clouds: Bush's Afghanistan speech versus Obama's.
  • The Republican presidential field didn't feel the need to unite in hawkish militarism. (Under Democratic presidents, you get to love your country even without bombing others.)
  • Sec. Gates found the way somewhere between White House advisers and Gen. Petraeus.


  • House Republicans prepare to confront the president tomorrow.
  • House GOP shifts further away from supporting Libya operations.


  • First Osama bin Laden, now Whitey Bulger? After 17 years! Wow. And Whitey even gets a trial!
  • Another group that Justice Thomas always sides with.
  • Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) calls on Justice Thomas to explain his links to GOP donor.


  • Reps. Paul (R-TX) and Frank (D-MA) introduce bill letting states decriminalize marijuana.


  • This could be a historic day for New York, and dramatically increase the number of gay people who will be allowed to marry.


  • For the first time, most American babies are non-white.


  • Lawsuit challenges new law allowing for "emergency management" of municipalities.


  • NRCC echoes the shocking racist/sexist ad in CA-36.


  • If he can't afford to pay his own staff, how can he manage America's books?
  • Tim Pawlenty will KICK. YOUR. ASS.


  • Daniels is a financial genius who saved Indiana, so why's Indiana in such bad shape?


  • Bayh is now working for: The US Chamber of Commerce, Fox News, a lobbyist, a hedge fund and a bank. Any questions?

(What I'm reading: Greg Sargent's Plum Line, Think Progress, Matt Yglesias, The Wonk Room, Talking Points MemoTPMDC, Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, the Washington Monthly, the National Journal, Ezra Klein, Politico's Playbook and Huddle, Dave Weigel, Wonkette, Firedoglake, the NYT Caucus, Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars. What my iPod has me listening to: Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Live) by Bruce Cockburn.)

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