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Morning EDition: June 1, 2011

TODAYRep.-elect Kathy Hochul sworn in today in NY-26.The House will consider War Powers Resolution on Libya.


  • Rep.-elect Kathy Hochul sworn in today in NY-26.
  • The House will consider War Powers Resolution on Libya.


  • House votes down debt-ceiling hike; leaders meeting today with the president.
  • GOP tipped their hand on the debt limit by setting the vote after close of trading to avoid rattling the market.
  • As Steve Benen points out, trying to appease the GOP doesn't work -- they attack Dems no matter what.
  • Dem leadership whipped for "no" votes, to avoid GOP attacks. Whew! Now there won't be any GOP attacks.
  • Minority Whip Hoyer tells White House that House Dems want in on the talks.
  • Speaker Boehner will tell the president cutting spending is about creating jobs.
  • Boehner releases a list of 150 economists who support spending cuts that offset debt-limit hike.
  • Is a deal on the debt ceiling even possible?
  • Treasury Sec. Geithner to address House freshmen tomorrow.
  • Nichols: The debt ceiling is just a back door to gut Medicare and Social Security.
  • FLASHBACK: Defaulting threatens the US economy.


  • Greg Sargent reports new polling shows support for Democratic position on the Ryan Plan.
  • More on the new Ryan-Plan polling out today.
  • Charlie Cook says GOP fails to understand the Ryan Plan has wiped out their 2010 momentum.
  • Huntsman calls on GOP 2012 field to embrace the Ryan Plan.
  • The Ryan Plan would also raise the cost of the services seniors would now have to pay for themselves after the vouchers run out.
  • VIDEO: Radio host hangs up on Republican candidate who refuses to take a stand on Ryan Plan.


  • House poised to call for an increase in defense spending.
  • GOP moves to gut food-safety bill that passed with bipartisan support.
  • Reconstruction money boosting disaster-stricken areas. Wait, spending boosts the economy?


  • GOP wants to cut Medicaid and food stamps.
  • New Mexico ending its food-stamp supplement for the elderly and disabled. Eat hope.
  • Study: One percent of the world holds 39% of its wealth.
  • The subprime virus moves to used cars.
  • Chart: A generational collapse in US economic confidence.
  • Justice Alito voted on ABC case despite owning Disney stock.
  • Commerce nominee to get grilled over labor issues, including Boeing.
  • Analysis: Internships benefit the wealthy, when they have any benefits at all.


  • In op-ed, Treasury Sec. Geithner defends the auto bailouts.


  • Prices have fallen more than they did during the Great Depression.


  • Sen. Stabenow gets it wrong. Alternative energy won't alleviate costs unless insulated from speculators, too.


  • Judge denies transgender widow her husband's death benefits.


  • VIDEO: Male politician MEOWS when female politician objects to being interrupted. She calls him on it.


  • Recall efforts begin against anti-immigration AZ lawmaker.


  • Ralph Reed is back, baby!


  • Same-sex civil unions become legal today in Illinois.
  • DOJ now hiring civil-rights lawyers with civil-rights experience.
  • AUDIO: Sen. Rand Paul calls for jailing those who attend radical political speeches.

OBAMA 2012

  • Faster-than-expected growth in Latino population bodes well for Obama.

GOP 2012

  • Poll: Gingrich slides; Cain soars.


  • NH Dems are selling two-sided Romney t-shirts.
  • Poll: He's losing to Giuliani.


  • Claims he was a Fox News contributor, despite Fox News's claim otherwise.
  • VIDEO: He claims the Constitution lays no jurisdictional claim on bankruptcies, despite its specific jurisdictional claim on bankruptcies.


  • After polling above 1%, hopes for inclusion in debates.


  • Says he's considering running for president. Because why not.


  • Man-of-the-people attends son's baseball game by state helicopter.
  • And then has car with tinted windows drive him the 100 yards to the ball field. Belt-tightening!


  • Mubarak and sons to go on trial in August. How come infant democracies are able to try their war criminals and we're not?


Check in later for the Wednesday Outlook and today's Underbuzzed.

(What I'm reading: Greg Sargent's Plum Line, Think Progress, Matt Yglesias, The Wonk Room, Talking Points MemoTPMDC, Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, the Washington Monthly, the National Journal, Ezra Klein, Politico's Playbook and Huddle, Dave Weigel, Wonkette, Firedoglake, the NYT Caucus, Daily Kos. What Jango has me listening to: Psycho Killer (Live), by The Talking Heads.)