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Morning EDition: July 28, 2011

Politico's reporting that unnamed GOP leaders say the Boehner plan will be their last act on raising the debt ceiling. Quite a bluff, if that's

Politico's reporting that unnamed GOP leaders say the Boehner plan will be their last act on raising the debt ceiling. Quite a bluff, if that's what it is. I think a Boehner/Reid hybrid will end up passing, but I still say a last-minute clean bill is possible, too. We'll see. Here's today's Morning EDition:


  • House tonight expected to vote on Speaker Boehner's (R-OH) budget cuts.


  • Boehner this morning: "It's a zippity-doo-dah day." #Leadership.
  • Boehner's plan is picking up GOP support -- which is weird, because it would raise the debt ceiling.
  • Boehner is asking the Tea Party to abandon their pledge, in order to pass a bill that won't become law.
  • Boehner's also selling his own members a line of crap.
  • Analysis: The right wing has already won. (The two parties' plans aren't that different.)
  • The Reid plan, though, does offer progressives more to like.
  • And Boehner's hold on the speakership seems secure.
  • But there are dueling assessments of Boehner's status.
  • Did the RSC's open challenge to Boehner backfire to Boehner's benefit?
  • Remember when Boehner said he wouldn't strong-arm his members? Good times.
  • The White House is pushing for support from some of its constituencies, too.
  • Boehner's revised plan would cripple the recovery even worse.
  • Tea Party goes after Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for belittling hobbitry.
  • Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips goes after the House freshmen turncoats.
  • Behold the power of the Tea Party's opposition to the Boehner plan.
  • EJ Dionne to Obama: Stop seeking the center, it doesn't exist.
  • Some investors already anticipate the buying opportunities a default could create.
  • Democrats will have the leverage on their side with the Bush tax cuts (leaving them even less excuse for caving then).
  • Unnamed Republicans tell Politico a modified Boehner plan is the last thing the House will pass to avoid default.
  • The Democrats' massive slow-motion cave in summary.
  • Debt ceiling whip count.
  • NOT investing in infrastructure is more expensive than investing in infrastructure.
  • The Treasury's bill-payment policy: First come, first served.
  • Just like happened with the budget showdown, GOP is using "defeat Obama" to bring Tea Party on board.
  • And Treasury is standing by its Aug. 2nd deadline. (Meaning, what? Even if they have money on Aug. 3, they won't pay our bills?)



  • Jobless claims fall below key bellwether.
  • Poll: Americans see jobs, especially in manufacturing, as priority one, but hear fewer in DC talking about them.



  • Planned Parenthood clinic firebombed.
  • Number of people DHS has working on right-wing domestic terrorism: One.
  • And here's the wisdom the FBI called on to educate its agents about Islam.


  • More Americans dying from Iranian-made weapons.


  • Western diplomats offer Gaddafi a deal to stay in Libya, but leave power.






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