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Morning EDition: August 4, 2011

As the debt-deal dust clears, we see a mounting body of evidence that Washington has effectively doomed any chance of a near-term, meaningful recovery.

As the debt-deal dust clears, we see a mounting body of evidence that Washington has effectively doomed any chance of a near-term, meaningful recovery. That said, not all news is bad. See: GM. Oh, and how about 100,000 new jobs? Can't hurt. Here's today's Morning EDition:


  • Pres. Obama turns 50.


  • JP Morgan analyst: Washington's economic policies will devastate GDP next year. (Anyone have the formula that converts change in GDP to change in jobs? I've seen it before so I know it's out there...)
  • A Hundred Years of Showdowns.
  • House GOP Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), whose agenda involves breaking America's generational promises, predicts that America will have to break its generational promises.
  • White House got Wall St. to lobby for the debt deal. Remember when banks had to lobby our government, not the other way around?
  • Grover Norquist has already won his battle for "super committee" appointments.
  • Health-care and defense industries gear up to lobby the "super committee."
  • Sen. Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) says it's extremely important to appoint people who are prepared to cave.
  • Reid goes after media false equivalences, says he doesn't think people are mad at Obama.
  • The Pentagon is already on defense.
  • Poll: Tea Party doesn't think it won debt-ceiling battle. How can you win anything when you're a permanent victim?
  • Poll: Most liberals and Democrats approve of the debt deal.
  • The Ryan Plan is back, baby!



  • Gov. Terry Branstad (R-IA) vetoes tax breaks for the poor because corporations didn't get cut in.
  • Study finds the health-care and finance industries are decimating America.
  • Study finds overdraft fees just as high as they were before reform.


  • Number of expected layoffs reaches a 16-month high.
  • On the other hand, here comes 100,000 new jobs.
  • The White House considers a menu of teeny-tiny job-creation measures.
  • Could pivoting to jobs lead voters to punish Obama when he fails to create them?
  • By one count, this is the seventh jobs pivot so far.
  • Both parties reach a deal to clear free-trade agreements, and try to mitigate the US jobs that will be lost.


  • Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) does constituent service for one of his biggest constituencies: Offshore drillers.


  • No resolution on the immediate horizon.
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) calls GOP's FAA shutdown a hostage-taking.
  • VIDEO: FAA worker blasts GOP for skipping town without ending FAA shutdown.


  • VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) gets it 100% right.


  • Boehner legal team argues there's not much history of anti-gay discrimination, because gays mostly stayed in the closet. Um.



  • Massive amounts have been spent on next week's recall elections.
  • The case for using Wisconsin as a national model for Democrats.
  • RNC chair says Wisconsin is not a national bellwether.
  • Democrats are narrowly favored to pull it off next week.
  • VIDEO: New ad targets one of the Republicans up for recall.


  • Unnamed Obama adviser tells Politico, "the numbers add up to defeat."
  • Even if the numbers don't add up to defeat, the couch may prove more alluring than pulling the lever for Obama.
  • On the opposite side of what Obama hasn't done, however, is what he has.
  • Internal NRCC memo advises members to spend August on the offensive. Unlike July? Or ever?


  • Huntsman's campaign threatens to implode.


  • Pro-Romney group gets a million-dollar donation. From someone.


  • Christian GOP lawmaker slams Perry's upcoming religio-fest.
  • We learn that Perry used stem cells, not prayer, to treat his ailment.
  • Winning Texas might disqualify Perry from winning the US.


  • VIDEO: Fox anchors agree -- getting on the Fox payroll insulates you from Fox criticism.

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