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John Kerry gleefully skewers Romney on foreign policy


Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts delivered a passionate and aggressive speech at the Democratic National Convention, railing against Mitt Romney's foreign policy.

The Republican presidential nominee "doesn't know much about foreign policy but has all these neo-con advisers who know all the wrong things about foreign policy," Kerry, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations committee, told the fired up crowd on Thursday night. "He would rely on them. After all, he's the great outsourcer. But I say to you, this is not the time to outsource the commander-in-chief."

Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, defended President Obama's record—noting that he banned torture, stopped the war in Iraq, is winding down the war in Afghanistan, and has killed Osama bin Laden. 

"Ask Osama bin Laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago," Kerry declared.

He also hip-checked Romney on global warming, referencing Romney's swipe last week at Obama's 2008 promise that he would slow the rise of the oceans. An exceptional country like America, Kerry said, "does care about the rise of the oceans and the future of the planet."  

Kerry ended his speech with some advice for Romney. "Before you debate Barack on foreign policy, you better finish the debate yourself," he said.

msnbc host Ed Schultz declared the address "the best speech John Kerry has ever given."