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Guest List, Thursday 7/7


Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT)

Michael Steele, Former Chairman of the RNC

We're getting into the battle over entitlements and taxes in the debt ceiling stand off-- keeping our eye on the status of Social Security now that it may be on the table.


Adam Green, Co-Founder of the Progressive Change Campaign

Could the Democrats lose the Senate over their politics throughout debt ceiling debate? We've got some poll numbers that will give you an idea of what most Americans ACTUALLY want.


Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters

News of the World-- a newspaper that fed on scandal-- has been killed off by scandal. We talk about the new allegations that have police investigating up to 4000 victims and ask... could this happen in the US?


Amy Holmes, Co-host of America's Radio News.

Laura Flanders, Host of GRITtv on Free Speech TV and editor of the book “At the Tea Party”.

Our panel weighs in on the news of the day.