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Green power or green views?

<p>Green power or green views?</p>
Kingdom Community Wind project, Lowell Mountains Vermont
Kingdom Community Wind project, Lowell Mountains Vermont

Green power or green views? That’s the debate going on around the country right now.

As wind power grows more popular, local communities are being forced to decide if they would rather cut down on their carbon emissions or keep their mountains turbine free. 

This is what’s happening right now in the Lowell Mountains of Vermont. Environmentalists are fighting environmentalists over whether or not a wind project should go ahead and forever change the ridgeline of the mountains.

Big projects like this can change water flow patterns and forever alter fragile ecosystems. Not to mention they simply change the way the landscape has looked for hundreds of years.

Donald Trump is currently in the middle of one of these battles in Scotland, although he’s not concerned about the environment, he just wants money.

So this is a debate that will be taken up more and more as our country moves to greener sources of power. The pros and cons of individual projects must be weighed and smart decisions must be made.