EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Fluke on campaigning with Pres. Obama

President Obama began a two-day campaign swing today in Colorado and is reaching out to women to improve his chance of winning the battleground state’s nine electoral votes.

Today in Denver, he was introduced by Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who gained notoriety after conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” because she supports the Obama health care law's requirement that insurance companies cover contraception.

Fluke said when she was "verbally attacked" Obama "was one of us. He defended my right to speak without being attacked, and he condemned those hateful words."

Recalling the incident, Fluke mocked Romney for saying at the time that Limbaugh's words "aren't the words I would have chosen."

"If Mr. Romney can't stand up to extreme voices in his own party, then he will never stand up for us," Fluke said at the Auraria Event Center.

Fluke will return to The Ed Show tonight at 8pET on msnbc to discuss today's event with the president!