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Ed's Guest List 8/13

Big night for The Ed Show tonight.

Big night for The Ed Show tonight. We will be first on the air with reaction and analysis of the first real GOP 2012 debate tonight (ie this is the first debate with Bachmann).

Joining Ed live from Manchester, NH will be former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Ed will also talk about the GOP jobs plan as revealed in the debate with former Chief Economist and Economic Advisor to VP Biden, Jared Bernstein (he's calling for more spending... think any of the GOP'ers will go there tonight?)

We'll also have a serious power panel on tonight with Salon's Joan Walsh, Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson and EJ Dionne of the Washington Post.

And if that's not enough there's major Anthony Weiner news today. The President addressed the issue and gave some career advice to the Congressman in an Exclusive interview with Today's Ann Curry.

Josh Green, senior political editor for The Atlantic, will discuss with Ed.