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'Ed Show' tonight: Wed., Feb. 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day!  The Ed Show is back tonight with another barnburner.

Mitt Romney narrowly escapes disaster in Michigan to the battleground state of Ohio, Rick Santorum takes his pet rock to Tennessee and President Obama cleans both of their clocks.

Richard Wolffe, msnbc Political Analyst, joins Ed tonight to analyze the state of the presidential race.

Then, Romney tries to sell himself to middle-classers ahead of Super Tuesday.  Bob Shrum, Democratic Strategist, has that and Ezra Klein, Washington Post Columnist and msnbc Policy Analyst, look at Romney's fuzzy math.

Rick Santorum is blaming government regulations for high gas prices and he’s lying about it.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will join Ed for that.

The Republican war on women's health moves to Washington where the radical Blunt Amendment faces a critical vote in just a matter of hours. 

Ed will talk about it tonight with Dr. Amy Bryant, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, and Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Council Member and the Chair of the Committee on Women & Healthy Communities.

New poll numbers in Wisconsin show union-busting Gov. Scott Walker is in for the "fight of his life." 

And in the Big Finish, Franklin Graham finally sees the light.  Dr. James Peterson, Director of Africana Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University will discuss on the reverend's surprise apology to President Obama.

It's going to be another packed @EdShow at 8pET on @msnbctv.

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