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'ED Show' playbook: Tue., June 19

President Obama will speak to reporters tonight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the conclusion of the G-20 Summit.The president is expected to be asked about hi

President Obama will speak to reporters tonight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the conclusion of the G-20 Summit.

The president is expected to be asked about his new immigration policy and the unrest in Syria and Egypt.  The news conference will begin at around 8pET (watch it live on msnbc or here on The Ed Show blog!).

Ed will report from Los Angeles with reaction and analysis from Eugene Robinson, msnbc Analyst and Associate Editor and Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist for the Washington Post, and Democratic strategist Bob Shrum.

President Obama's new immigration policy is a big winner with Americans, but Mitt Romney still can't give a straight answer about whether he would keep it or get rid of it.  Jose Antonio Vargas, TIME Magazine Contributor, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and founder of Define American, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the conversation around immigration in the U. S., joins Ed for that.

Romney keeps telling us he's got a plan, but he keeps refusing to give us answers on some of the most critical issues facing this country.  Is Romney another Tom Dewey?  

Ed will ask Bob Shrum.




Thousands gather at the Michigan Capitol to protest the war on women. Did the silencing of two female lawmakers backfire on Republicans?  Ed will ask tonight’s panel, including Ari Melber, Correspondent for The Nation, Joy Reid, Managing Editor of, msnbc Contributor, and Meghan McCain, msnbc Contributor and Daily Beast Columnist and co-author (“America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom”).

Congress is about to spend nearly a trillion dollars and nobody is talking about it.  Ed will tonight.

And in the Big Finish, a group of Catholic nuns is trailing Romney’s bus tour to protest the GOP war on the poor.  Ed will ask the organizer of the protest, Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of Network- A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, what she thinks of the Ryan budget plan.

It's going to be yet another packed @EdShow at 8pET on @msnbctv.

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