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'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Jan. 24

If you can’t win ‘em, rig ‘em! The GOP moves to steal elections. First stop: Virginia.
(Press Association via AP Images)

If you can’t win ‘em, rig ‘em! The GOP moves to steal elections. First stop: Virginia.

Could it work? Tonight at 8p/11pET on “The Ed Show” on msnbc, Ed Schultz asks Charniele Herring (D-VA), Chair of Virginia’s Reproductive Rights Caucus and Former Minority Whip, and David Corn, DC Bureau Chief for Mother Jones Magazine and Columnist for

Republicans who failed to bully Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday were back at it again today. Howard Fineman, NBC News Political Analyst and Editorial Director of the Huffington Post Media Group, explains why the right still can’t handle Hillary.

Speaker John Boehner tells a Republican group President Obama is trying to "annihilate" the party, but the GOP is doing it on their own. Richard Wolffe, Executive Editor,, msnbc Political Analyst, joins Ed to discuss the Republican self-destruction.

Then, Democrats miss a huge opportunity to change the country. Larry Cohen, President of the Communications Workers of America responds to Harry Ried's filibuster cave.

Lanny Breuer steps down from the Justice Department’s criminal division. Ed will tell us what that says about Wall Street.

And in the BIG Finish, the Pentagon lifts the ban on women in combat, and righties are freaking out.

Goldie Taylor, Columnist for The Grio and Managing Editor of The Goldie Taylor Project, Former U.S. Marine, will put them in their place.

It’s going to be another essential @edshow tonight at 8p/11pET on @msnbctv.

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