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'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Nov. 16

David Petraeus answers to Congress and the negotiations begin over the fiscal cliff.

David Petraeus answers to Congress and the negotiations begin over the fiscal cliff.

A week after stepping down from the CIA, General Petraeus testifies on Capitol Hill. Tonight, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Gen. Colin Powell's former chief of staff at the State Department, separates fact from fiction. He also has some strong words for Senator John McCain.

Congressional leaders say they had a "constructive" meeting with the president today, but will it lead to progress on the fiscal cliff? Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) weighs in.

Also, one of the key sticking points in fiscal cliff discussions is whether the wealthiest Americans will have to pay a little more.That's why a group calling itself the Patriotic Millionaires went to Washington this week to say, "tax us, we can take it". Democratic strategist Tara Dowdell and Second Avenue Partners' Nick Hanauer discuss.

Then, Scott Walker and John Kasich are some of the Tepublican governors refusing to implement Obamacare provisions in their states. The Nation's Washington Correspondent, John Nichols, explains why that's a good thing.

And the post office suffers record losses while trying to accomplish an impossible goal. Greg Bell of the Postal Workers Union joins Ed to discuss how the postal service can be saved.

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