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'ED Show' 11pET playbook: Friday, Nov. 2

Just four days until the election and we now have 32 consecutive months of private sector job growth.

Just four days until the election and we now have 32 consecutive months of private sector job growth.

Today's strong jobs report proves President Obama has turned this country around and Republicans can't stand it.

Tonight at 11pET, Ed welcomes David Cay Johnston, columnist for Reuters, Pulitzer Prize winner and author ("Perfectly Legal" and "Free Lunch"), and msnbc Political Analyst Richard Wolffe, for reaction and analysis.

No doubt the employment figures are good news for the country and President Obama, but bad news for Mitt Romney and his campaign. Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum will look at the latest numbers.

Then, more problems for Ohio voters. Hurricane Sandy leaves thousands without power, and over 6,000 voters across the state purged from the rolls. We'll have the details with state Sen. Nina Turner (D-OH) and Judith Browne-Dianis, Co-Director of Advancement Project.

From Richard Mourdock to Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party is crashing in Congress. We'll break down the down ballot Republican collapse with Keli Goff, author (“The GQ Candidate”) and Political Correspondent for, and Chris Kofinis, former Edwards Campaign Communications Director.

Fox and friends tries to politicize a hurricane fundraiser. We'll have the details.

And in the Big Finish, Mitt Romney makes a play for Wisconsin, while Scott Walker tries to spin the poll numbers in Romney's favor.  John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation, has the latest from the Badger State.

It’s going to another blockbuster @EdShow at 11pET on @msnbc (the 8pET show was pre-empted by Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together, an NBC Universal benefit concert/telethon to aid storm victims; follow the link to donate!).

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