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Chris Rock talks politics, religion on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'


Comedian Chris Rock appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Madagascar 3.  But he talked about a lot more Marty the zebra he plays in the new movie.

Rock also took a jab at Mitt Romney’s religion, reminding viewers of the Mormon Church’s controversial history on race. 

“Mitt Romney's crew, they believed black people were the devil 'til 1978,” Rock said.  “I'm not making this up.  This is…right, right, right?”

“That means Jackson 5, devil,” Rock continued.  “Tempations, the devil.”

Indeed, African-American males were not allowed to fully participate in the Mormon priesthood until Friday, June 9, 1978 when the church ended a 148-year policy of racial discrimination.

Romney, who was 31 at the time, said in 2007 that he had been "anxious to see a change in my church" and recalled weeping when he heard that the ban had been lifted.

Then, Rock moved to President Obama and the pace of economic recovery.

“Everybody's complaining, 'It's not going fast enough.' It's like complaining that your team keeps winning by one.  'How we keep winning by one? We should score more.' Nah, nah. We're winning, man. That's good."

“When Obama got elected, you got to understand, the country was in a shambles he had a cleanup job to do and when you have to clean up something to properly cleanup it gets dirtier before it gets clean.”

Rock then went into a hilarious analogy about cleaning hotel rooms.  Watch the video and then watch The Ed Show at 8pET on msnbc!  Guest host Michael Eric Dyson interviews political comedian John Fugelsang about Rock's remarks.