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Bill O'Reilly: #OWS Protesters Don't Like Anything About America

Bill O'Reilly and friends put together some of the most clueless analysis of the #OWS protests you will ever hear.
Bill O'Reilly: #OWS Protesters Don't Like Anything About America
Bill O'Reilly: #OWS Protesters Don't Like Anything About America

Bill O'Reilly and friends put together some of the most clueless analysis of the #OWS protests you will ever hear. The transcript is below, watch the video here.


O'REILLY: My hypothesis, you correct me if I am wrong. It didn't have much to do about economics. This is about we don't like America. We don't like anything about it. We are far left loons. Whatever our beef is, we are going to take to the streets.

Just say it's just like 1968. It's the same thing.HOOVER: Well, it's funny you say that because some of the people I talked to were actually -- they are like "Well we were hippies and we didn't really have anywhere else to go".O'REILLY: There. The guy in the hat, I told you.HOOVER: There's a guy who told me he's a communist. There's a lot of -- there's a patchwork of far left special interest groups.O'REILLY: Funded by George Soros.HOOVER: Well, I don't know who paid for this paper but it's a very nice broad sheet.O'REILLY: Well, they couldn't pay for it. The guys in the alpaca sweaters as Laura Ingraham mentioned.GRETCHEN CARLSON, FOX NEWS  CO-HOST, "FOX AND FRIENDS": Well, maybe they could if they're being funded by their parents. But let me just say this. They could become more organized because the unions now are allegedly --O'REILLY: The unions are in there -- absolutely.CARLSON: So this could continue and it could get bigger. But to me it's emblematic of the division in this country that those on Capitol Hill, some have been talking about. I'm talking about class warfare. And if you want to speak about it from a cultural sense, this is what we are going to see more of, I think, if that discussion continues on Capitol Hill; about those who have none and those who have a lot.O'REILLY: Number one the numbers are very small here. They have been roaming around the city for about a month now. And maybe they get a couple of thousand of people. In New York the Black Eyed Peas got 30,000 people up there in Central Park the other night. Ok? This isn't something that's big.Number two, Barack Obama made a mistake today when he said well, have you got to understand they are fighting against income inequality, or they're frustrated. They are loons. These are anarchists. Thee these are the people that burn down the stores.HOOVER: I will say that there's one consistent theme when I was there talking to people today is that there is no coherent political ideology other than far left.O'REILLY: Yes, one guy thinks that the 9/11 --HOOVER: So for Barack Obama to put words in their mouth is (INAUDIBLE).O'REILLY: Right.CARLSON: And this is why it would be dangerous I believe for any politician to align themselves to this movement. Because if it continues to get more --O'REILLY: To be fair, President Obama didn't align himself.CARLSON: He didn't.O'REILLY: He made excuses for it.CARLSON: Other politicians have come out expressing support for this particular protest.O'REILLY: Who?CARLSON: Keith Ellison from Minnesota for one and there is at least three or four other Democrats who came out today and said that they supported this. It's dangerous if it continues to become more violent; there's been 800 arrests so far.O'REILLY: That's right. But the numbers are small. And you would think that they would grow if this was really something that was serious.HOOVER: And now that the unions are joining them they will be more organized. They will have more numbers.O'REILLY: But the union workers aren't going to go out there.HOOVER: They are out there. They're out there.O'REILLY: No, it's not the union workers who are out there. It's the leadership and their paid minions. It's not the guys on the job out there.CARLSON: I have heard that they were sending some teachers there and that they were going to send some auto workers there.O'REILLY: Who is teaching the kids then?CARLSON: Well --O'REILLY: I mean this is a school night right?CARLSON: Now it's dubbed that the unions are involved it can become more organized. Here is the irony though, they are protesting capitalism in people who allegedly create jobs. You know how they are getting the message out for people to come down there and talk about this more on things that capitalists have invented like iPhones and Twitter and Internet. It's a little ironic.O'REILLY: Yes, they all have -- they all have their little cell Phones and the little lattes.Now, the confrontation between the elderly Jewish man and the other kid who was disrespectful to him basically was interesting because the elderly man was saying "Hey, listen, I worked for all my money. Why don't you get a job?" And the guy says "I'm not going to take the $7 an hour job." And that is the entitlement we are seeing among many on the far left. You owe it to me.I don't know about you two. You are pretty glamorous people. I drove a cab in Miami in the summer. I painted houses. I cut lawns.HOOVER: I cut lawns.O'REILLY: I worked at Carvell for $1.25 an hour, the ice cream place. I mean I worked my way up.HOOVER: Ok. So you don't think anybody else works their way up, too?O'REILLY: not those people.HOOVER: Well, look, I think the majority of the millennial generation are hardworking. They want jobs --O'REILLY: The millennial generation --HOOVER: They are 30 and under born at the beginning of the Reagan era to the end of the Clinton presidency and they are 30 percent unemployed or underemployed. So it's not -- by the way, they are not political lefties. They're 40 percent moderate, 29 percent liberal --(CROSSTALK)O'REILLY: Almost every store front I pass by in this city and on Long Island has a "Help Wanted". They want -- they need bartenders, they need waiters, they need all of this.CARLSON: I agree with you.O'REILLY: Every cab firm in the world need drivers who can speak English. They don't have any drivers who can't speak English. These people won't take those jobs. They won't do them.CARLSON: You are right. Here is the thing. You have the highest percentage ever of people on the government dole in this country --O'REILLY: 50 percent.CARLSON: -- today in 2011. What does that say about our culture? Besides the entitlement nature of the millennials, that falls in the category.HOOVER: I don't think they are entitled at all.O'REILLY: She is saying they are hard-working, I will do what I can. You are crazy, Hoover. You didn't wear those earrings down there, did you?HOOVER: Heck no. Are you kidding me?O'REILLY: If you did that, you wouldn't have lobes on. You know what I'm talking about.HOOVER: You know how much you could get on these?O'REILLY: it will be in a pawnshop right across the street even as we speak if you did that.All right. I don't like those protesters because I don't think that they are looking out for anybody but themselves. I really believe that. I think they want to tear this country down. They hate the country. That goes against everything I believe.Ladies, thanks very much. We appreciate it.

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