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Arizona lawmaker suggests 'White Appreciation Day'

<p>Should we have a Caucasian day?That's what one Arizona lawmaker is proposing.</p>

Should we have a Caucasian day?

That's what one Arizona lawmaker is proposing. Arizona State Representative Cecil Ash,  a Republican from Mesa, made the comments after a fellow lawmaker  Richard Miranda suggested a "Latino Appreciation Day" on the floor of the house.

Ash responded, asking if there will be a "White Appreciation Day," once Caucasians are no longer the majority in the state of Arizona.

Racial tensions have been particularly high in Arizona's since Jan Brewer signed the anti-immigrant S.B.1070, one of the strictest immigration bills in the country.

Ash says he was just trying to lighten the mood on the house floor but he stands by what he said: He supports Latino Appreciation Day as long as Miranda promises to agree to "White Appreciation Day" once whites become the minority.