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TDR's Political Planner

The Daily Rundown's constantly updated look at political dates and happenings to keep an eye on.
APRIL 2014
April 29: South Dakota filing deadline (Independent)
MAY 2014
May 1: Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) speaks at Howard County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Ellicott City, Md. 
May 1-3: Wyoming GOP convention in Evanston
May 1-3: Alaska GOP convention in Juneau
May 2: Florida filing deadline
May 2-4: Wisconsin Republican State Convention in Milwaukee
May 5: Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) speaks at Frederick County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Frederick, Md.
May 5: Ohio filing deadline (Independent)
May 6: Primaries in Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio
May 8: Fmr. Gov. Jim Gilmore (R-Va.) speaks at Montgomery County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Gaithersburg, Md.
May 10: GOP debate for U.S. Senate in Columbus, Ga.
May 11: Delaware Democratic State Convention in Dover
May 13: Primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia
May 15-18: Alaska Democratic Party’s Biennial State Convention in Nome
May 16: Connecticut Democratic State Convention in Hartford
May 16: Washington filing deadline
May 16-17: Connecticut Republican State Convention in Uncasville
May 16-17: Wyoming Democratic State Convention in Rock Springs
May 20: Primaries in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, Pennsylvania and Oregon
May 22: Rep. Renee Elmers (R-N.C.) speaks at Calvert County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Huntingtown, Md.
May 27: Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-Md.) speaks at Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Awards Reception at Fenway Park
May 27: Texas Runoff
May 27: Montana filing deadline (Independent)
May 28: Arizona filing deadline
May 30: Wyoming filing deadline (Major Parties)
May 30: Indiana Democratic State Convention in Indianapolis
May 30: Maine Democratic Convention in Bangor
May 30-31: Minnesota GOP State Convention in Rochester
May 30-June 1 : Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party State Convention in Duluth
May 31: New Mexico filing deadline
JUNE 2014
June 1: Maine filing deadline (Independent)
June 2: Alaska, Kansas, and Wisconsin filing deadlines, Montana filing deadline (Independent)
June 3: Primaries in Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota
June 3: Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Minnesota filing deadlines, Alabama and New Jersey filing deadlines (Independent)
June 5-7: Texas Republican State Convention in Fort Worth
June 6-7: Wisconsin Democratic State Convention in Wisconsin Dells
June 6-8: Indiana Republican State Convention in Fort Wayne
June 6-8: North Carolina GOP Convention in Cherokee
June 7: Virginia Republican Convention in Roanoke
June 10: Primaries in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Virginia
June 10: Arkansas runoff
June 10: Connecticut filing deadline (Major Parties) and Virginia filing deadlines (Independent)
June 12: Vermont filing deadline
June 13: New Hampshire filing deadline
June 13-14: Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Worcester
June 19-21: South Dakota Republican Party State Convention in Rapid City
June 20: Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) speaks at Alabama Republican Party Summer Dinner in Birmingham.
June 20: Sen. Tom Harkin inducted into Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame at annual dinner in Des Moines
June 20-21: Washington State Democratic Convention in Spokane
June 23: Illinois filing deadline (Third Party Candidates)
June 24: Primaries in Colorado, Maryland, New York and Utah
June 24: New Mexico filing deadline (Independent)
June 25: Rhode island filing deadline
June 26: Texas filing deadline (Independent)
June 26-28: Texas Democratic State Convention in Dallas
June 27: North Carolina filing deadline (Independent)
JULY 2014
July 3: Guam filing deadline
July 8: Delaware filing deadline
July 10: Colorado filing deadline (Independent)
July 12-13: Montana Democratic Convention in Lewiston
July 15: Alabama runoff
July 15: Delaware and Indiana filing deadline (Independent)
July 16: South Carolina filing deadline (Independent)
July 17: Michigan filing deadline (Independent)
July 22: Georgia runoff
July 24: Oklahoma primary
July 28: Missouri filing deadline (Third Parties and Independent)
July 29: Massachusetts filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 1: Pennsylvania and West Virginia filing deadlines (Independent)
Aug. 2: Virgin Island primary
Aug. 4: Connecticut, Kansas, Maryland and Northern Mariana Islands filing deadlines (Independent)
Aug. 5: Primaries in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington
Aug. 6: D.C. filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 7: Tennessee primary
Aug. 9: Hawaii primary
Aug. 12: Primaries in Connecticut, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Aug. 12: South Dakota runoff
Aug. 12: Kentucky filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 15: Iowa filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 19: Primaries in Alaska and Wyoming
Aug. 19: Alaska filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 22: Louisiana filing deadline
Aug 25: Wyoming filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 26: Primaries in Arizona, Florida and Vermont
Aug. 26: Oklahoma runoff
Aug 26: Oregon filing deadline (Independent)
Aug. 30: Guam primary
Sept. 1: American Samoa filing deadline (Independent)
Sept. 2: Nebraska and North Dakota filing deadlines (Independent)
Sept 3: Connecticut filing deadline (Third/Minor Candidates)
Sept. 9: Primaries in Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode IslandSept. 16: Massachusetts primary
Sept. 19: California Republican Party Fall Convention in Los Angeles
Nov. 4: General Election
Nov. 4: Louisiana open primary
Dec. 6: Louisiana runoff