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Shameless Plugs Roundup

Interested in reading more about the last few shameless plugs?

Interested in reading more about the last few shameless plugs? Now you can!

Tuesday, December 13th

Cynthia Tucker plugged a thriller novel called One Second After. Newt Gingrich wrote the forward to the book, and occasionally refers to the doomsday scenario that the book is based around, a nuclear blast above the United States.

Jennifer Rubin gave a shout out to her son's basketball team, The Stallions.

Christina Bellantoni plugged the front page of Roll Call.


Monday, December 12th

Michael Steele plugged his latest article on his web site. Steele's article is also posted on The Root.

Dan Balz plugged "Candidate Week" on The Washington Post's politics page. The paper is covering a new candidate each day.

Liz Sidoti gave a shout out to her friend Ben Capra. Ben is the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard at Coral Bay.


Friday, December 9th

Jeff Johnson plugged his ten-year-old son's birthday. Happy birthday Miles Christopher Johnson!

Former Rep. Susan Molinari talked about her father (Former Rep. Guy Molinari) and his love for Chuck Todd and The Daily Rundown. (Thanks Rep. Molinari!)

Nia-Malika Henderson plugged "her boys" the Duke Blue Devil basketball team.


Thursday, December 8th

Shira Toeplitz said hello to her family in Israel and plugged the new msnbc-Israel channel.

Ari Shapiro plugged the Pink Martini "Joy to the World"album. He sings a few tracks on it. 

Neera Tanden plugged the Think Progress website.


Wednesday, December 7th

Clarence Page took time to reflect on Pearl Harbor day and thanked his fellow veterans.

Jackie Kucinich plugged the October 1995 New Yorker article by Connie Bruck titled "The Politics of Perception". The article is about Newt Gingrich.

Vaughn Ververs plugged the latest NBC politics site,


Tuesday, December 6th

Sarah Taylor Fagen plugged Ramesh Ponnuru's article.

Susan Page plugged

Former Rep. Artur Davis took a different route with his shameless plug and predicted how the next round of polls would turn out.